Maker Faire 2010

Once again, we managed the journey to the Bay Area for another Maker Faire, and again, at the end of it all, I am always left in awe and wonder and look at McKenzie’s future with optimism. We are leaving the Bay Area with a renewed sense of creativity, problem-solving and design, a drive to develop those same attributes within McKenzie and a suitcase full of DIY projects to hone those skills upon.

For me, personally, all the various physical computing and 3D printing projects and displays have rekindled the interest within, so look for something neat this Christmas involving motors, lights, sensors and the Internet. It’s time to get designing.

For Jill, she managed to squeeze in a silkscreen printing clinic while McKenzie and I explored, watching exploding bottles of Coke Zero and Mentos or blacksmithing demonstrations. The whole Faire just leaves her head spinning, too much to see and do and never, ever enough time.

For McKenzie, there is the excitement and thrill of doing. She never stopped wanting to do something. She moved from playing miniature golf, to playing with hula-hoops, to beating on the Taiko drums, to blasting off into space on the Raygun Gothic Rocket, to building kazoos and laughing cups, to building drawbots. At Maker Faire, I see McKenzie’s potential and my role in helping her achieve it.

We cannot wait until next year’s Faire!

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