An Open Letter to My Daughter

Dear McKenzie,

Today you and I spent the day together. No school today, teacher in-service. Together we biked to Lava Java. I, my usual – a shot in the dark, and you, milk and a blueberry muffin. It was a beautiful morning for the ten and half mile bike ride. Now, as I write this, you are playing in the Jamison Square water fountain. As I watch you play, I hope that you are happy.

It’s been awhile since my last letter, and I worry that I am squandering my precious time with you. There is so much I want to teach you, and most of what you will learn from me is by my own example. As you grow older and read these dispatches, you will be the ultimate judge of what I had to offer you.

Did I teach you the skills to better yourself? Did I teach you to be curious and creative? Life is full of potential, and you need to apply yourself to achieve it. I hope that you remember me as a role model who never accepted the status quo and always pushed himself to improve and inspire.

Most of all, did I teach you to look beyond my own shortcomings, to learn from my mistakes, and in turn, to learn from your own mistakes? I, and you, will make our fair share.

With love,
Your father

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